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Past-Life Regression Therapy


Past-Life Regression Therapy

Past-Life Regression Therapy is a therapeutic approach that involves being guided into a relaxed and focused hypnotic state to explore past life experiences where healing has yet to occur. This therapy is rooted in the concept of reincarnation, which says that the soul undergoes a cycle of rebirth in different bodies across multiple lifetimes. When adverse and traumatic events occur in a previous lifetime, they leave a negative imprint on our cells which are then carried over into this current lifetime. Many clients identify with having a felt sense or quiet knowing that the pain or heaviness they are experiencing today is not from this lifetime.  

As you journey into your past life, you have the opportunity to feel, see, hear, and fully experience the event which was never healed. If the event is traumatic or jarring, you experience it as an observer to the event. You never have to relive a traumatic event; as a witness to the experience you can access all the healing and learnings you need to fully release the negative emotions easily and effortlessly. 

One of the beautiful aspects of this healing modality is that you do not have to believe in past lives in order to gain the healing from this experience. Whether you believe the experiences you have while in a state of hypnosis are real or imagined, the powerful insights gained from these experiences allow you to reframe the stories you've been telling yourself and release the pain. In the well-known work of psychiatrist Carl Jung, he teaches about the power of the collective unconscious. He notes that each person can tap into their unconscious to access their stories as metaphors, and the metaphors will create healing for that person. 

The most essential aspects of Past-Life Regression Therapy are coming to the experience with a curious mindset, a willingness to learn, and a trust in yourself and your guide. With an open mind and soft heart, this transformational process can create lasting change for the rest of your life - and future lifetimes! 

I would love to be your guide on this journey. I was trained by Past-Life Regression Expert and my dear mother and friend Petey Silveira, who completed her training with Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters. 

Please set up a free, 20-minute consultation call to explore deeper into this work and book your session! Regressions are available in-person in Orlando, Florida, or virtually from the comfort of your home.

Session Details

Location: Regressions are facilitated in-person in Orlando, Florida, or virtually from the comfort of your own home.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Cost: $1,500 (Includes transcript of session)

What to expect in Past Life Regression Therapy:

1. Preparation:

The session begins with an intake which is a discussion between us. This is typically 40 minutes and includes your background and intentions you have for your regression. I discuss any specific issues or questions you want to explore and address any concerns or expectations. I will explain the process and set the tone for a safe and supportive environment. The intake helps me to understand your past to the degree that I can be your best guide for your regression.

2. Relaxation & Induction:

I will guide you into a state of deep relaxation through techniques such as progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, and visualization. The purpose is to quiet the conscious mind and access the subconscious mind, where past-life memories reside.

3. Regression Journey:

Once in a relaxed state, I will guide you back to several ages in your childhood using age regression and take you back through the womb and your birth through a series of visualizations and prompts. You will find your pathway back in time as I use guided imagery which eventually takes you back to explore memories, impressions, emotions, and sensations associated with past-life experiences.

4. Exploring Past Lives:

You are encouraged to trust your intuition and let the subconscious mind reveal past life memories. You may experience vivid imagery, sensations, and emotions, or even hear inner voices that provide insights into past life experiences. I will support and guide you through the process, asking questions to deepen the exploration and encourage further insights.

5. Resolution & Integration: 

Once past-life memories have been explored, I will help you integrate and process the experience. This may involve discussing the spiritual themes, emotions, and lessons from the past life and relating them to your present current life challenges or patterns. The intention is to bring about healing, understanding, and personal growth.

6. Closing & Reflection:

Towards the end of the session, you are guided back to a fully alert and grounded state. We will discuss the experiences, reflect on the insights gained, and address any emotions or feelings that arose during the regression. This reflection helps integrate the past life journey into your present life.

Set up a free, 20-minute consultation call to explore deeper into this work and book your session.

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