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Psychedelic Integration Coaching


Psychedelic Integration Coaching

Package of Three 90-minute sessions + telegram support: $900

Package of Six 90-minute sessions + telegram support: $1,500 (save $300)

One 90-minute session for $300

Additional sessions available

Have you heard of a “bad trip?” Some people are haunted by them for decades. To me, there are no bad trips - there was just misguided meaning making and lack of integration. Psychedelics will reveal to you what you need to heal, and similar to dreams, sometimes it shows up in an upsetting way. However, what we know is that all feelings (good or bad) are here for a deeply positive purpose. For example, anxiety is an alarm bell in your body trying to get your attention that something might be unsafe, and once you let your body know that you are okay, the warning system can disarm and your body can regulate. If you had a psychedelic experience in your past that you haven’t been able to learn from or if you still have intrusive thoughts and memories, then book this 90-minute integrative session to decipher its meaning. Trust that there are gems buried beneath the dirt.


There is something mystical that happens in a psychedelic experience - an aha moment, an awakening, a deep understanding, an awareness of your shadow, a release, or a returning to your true authentic self. Whatever presents itself within that experience is happening for you and your highest good, and it’s through the integration process that its teachings are revealed. 

Oftentimes in a psychedelic experience, you encounter your shadow - a part of yourself that is buried deep inside of you and carries a lot of shame, hurt or pain. It’s a part of yourself that you may not like to talk about or be proud of, but it’s the part of you that's craving your compassion and grace. This can sometimes be uncomfortable or scary to encounter as it’s something you haven’t had a felt experience around in years. The mysticism of psychedelics is that you can be in this experience in a completely new way. Yes it might feel unnerving at first, but as you continue on the journey and flow into the integration process, you unwrap the teachings and lessons that were covered up by layers of anxiety or sadness. 

During a psychedelic journey, the mind enters a state of heightened receptivity and increased neural connectivity. This allows for the exploration of subconscious information that may be stored within the depths of the mind. Symbolism, archetypes, and memories from the past can emerge, offering profound insights and opportunities for healing and transformation.

During the integration process, I help you navigate and make sense of these subconscious experiences. We explore the symbols and metaphors that arose during your journey, recognizing that they often hold deep personal significance. By unraveling the meaning behind these symbols and bringing these hidden aspects of the self into conscious awareness, we gain insight into the patterns, beliefs, and emotions that may have been operating beneath the surface of their conscious awareness.

Psychedelic experiences can have a profound impact on the subconscious mind. They have the potential to bypass our usual cognitive filters and access deeper layers of consciousness, unveiling aspects of ourselves that are usually hidden from our conscious awareness.That moment is when the default mode network in your mind lowers, the armor softens and you are able to perceive your life with new awareness. Psychedelics work to dissolve the default mode network (DMN), the series of interconnected networks in our brain that are responsible for introspection, self-directed thought, criticism, personal narrative, remembering, and how we think about the future. The DMN is your sense of self; it's the story you have told yourself about who you are for the entirety of your life. 

But, What if you could change your story?

Through neuroplasticity, we understand that our brains are not a fixed entity, but an ever-changing organism capable of more than we know. Every psychedelic experience contains a spark where a new neural pathway is awakened and neuroplasticity expands. 

Perhaps you’ve never felt you were lovable, and during your psychedelic journey, you realized that your father didn’t actually want another child. This knowing most likely happened before memories developed around the age 3; however, there was a heavy imprint on your cell memories that held onto this limiting belief as truth. This truth is subjective - it’s the belief and story you have told yourself for so many years and decades that it feels like fact. 

But we can unlearn what is learned. We can release the negative perception of that memory and step into one that embraces the teachings and the learnings. With the old hurt resolved, you can now nurture and strengthen your new neural connection and integrate an updated belief that you are absolutely deserving of love. 

Research shows that the next 7 days after the psychedelic experience are the most fruitful in strengthening this new neural pathway. What you focus on expands, and as you integrate this new thought, behavior or way of being, the connection grows stronger and stronger. So strong, in fact, that the old way of thinking atrophies and dissolves. 

It’s as if you were going on a hike in the forest. You see the trail head, and it’s heavily marked by previous hikers who have walked this path before. The leaves are matted down by footsteps, the tree limbs are cleared out; it feels easy to walk this well-known path. Awakening a new neural connection is like trailblazing your own path in the woods. You’re a little unsure how it will go, but your subconscious mind leads you in a new direction and trusts it’s for your highest good. It takes some conscious effort to figure out the path, so you step more mindfully and you lean in with trust and curiosity. Each time you come back to the path, it gets a little easier and a little more familiar, until one day, you’ve found your flow. This new pathway is established and because the old one no longer received any attention, it is now covered in leaves and branches. It’s no longer a viable path, and you’re able to glide forward on your new trail with peace and confidence. 

This is one of the most hopeful parts of the integration process that I’ve felt within myself and have witnessed in others. You have the ability to completely transform your worldview, shift your habits, change your mind, and create a sense of freedom within yourself knowing that whatever happens (good or bad), you have the tools to return to yourself. 

What is Psychedelic Integration Coaching?

Psychedelic integration coaching is a form of support and guidance provided to individuals who have had transformative experiences with psychedelics and are seeking assistance in integrating those experiences into their daily lives. As a coach, I work with clients to help them navigate the insights, emotions, and changes that arise from psychedelic journeys.

The primary goal of psychedelic integration coaching is to help you make sense of your psychedelic experiences and apply the insights gained to personal growth, healing, and self-discovery. I recognize that psychedelics can catalyze profound shifts in perception, consciousness, and awareness, and I’m here to provide a safe and supportive space for you to explore, understand, and integrate these experiences.

I believe that these transformative experiences have the potential to deepen our connection to spirituality and facilitate profound shifts in consciousness and awareness. 

During our sessions, we delve into the meaning and symbolism of your psychedelic experiences. I encourage you to explore the insights, metaphors, and messages received during your journey, helping to make sense of their spiritual significance. Together, we uncover the lessons, teachings and wisdom contained within these experiences, and we work on integrating these insights into your belief systems and spiritual practices.

Psychedelic experiences can stir up powerful emotions and bring to the surface unresolved traumas. I am trauma trained and create a safe and non-judgmental space for you to express and process these emotions, recognizing that they are essential for healing and spiritual growth. I use subconscious techniques like hypnosis and NLP to guide you safely to the root cause where the overwhelming or triggering situation can be rewired and transformed. We explore how these emotional experiences are connected to your spiritual journey, and I offer guidance on how to navigate and integrate them in a way that promotes healing and agency.

In addition to emotional support, I assist clients in identifying practical ways to integrate their psychedelic insights into their daily lives. This may involve exploring lifestyle changes, such as incorporating mindfulness practices, embodiment, nervous system regulation, or engaging in creative expression. We discuss how these practices can deepen your spiritual connection, enhance self-awareness, and promote personal growth and well-being.

I also emphasize the importance of self-reflection and inner work. Through journaling, meditation, and other contemplative practices, I encourage clients to deepen their understanding of themselves and their spiritual journeys. These practices help you to cultivate a greater sense of presence, connection to your inner wisdom, and alignment with your higher self. 

Ultimately, as a psychedelic integration coach, my approach combines psychological and spiritual perspectives to help clients navigate the transformative terrain of psychedelic experiences. I strive to create a supportive and sacred space for you to explore spirituality, integrate your insights, and embark on a journey of personal growth, healing, and spiritual expansion.

What you can expect through the integration process: 

In all my offerings, I embody a gentle, collaborative, and compassionate approach towards the process of preparation and integration of psychedelic experiences. As an ally on your journey of self-discovery, I am profoundly curious about every aspect of your being. While my approach is rooted in somatic foundations and subconscious mind rewiring, it does not disregard the cognitive process of meaning-making. Instead, I invite you to embrace mindful observation as a replacement for cognitive reflection. In the process of preparation, I support you in exploring themes and intentions for your upcoming journey and handing you tools that can support you in navigating your inner landscape on a psychedelic substance. During the integration phase, I support you in digesting your experience, deepening your understanding and cultivating tangible, long-lasting change in your life. I draw from a diverse range of approaches such as hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, somatic experiencing, soul lessons, breathwork, mindful movement, and in-depth field experience with psychedelic facilitation. For you, I will weave together a rich tapestry of techniques to support your personal growth and transformation.

1. Education and Preparation: I will provide you information and resources about psychedelics, their potential effects, and safe practices. They may offer guidance on choosing the right set and setting for a psychedelic experience and help individuals prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically.

2. Integration Planning: Together, we will develop a personalized integration plan. This involves discussing the themes, insights, and emotions that emerged during the psychedelic experience and finding practical ways to apply those lessons in daily life.

3. Emotional Support: Psychedelic experiences can sometimes bring up intense emotions and unresolved traumas. I provide a non-judgmental, safe and curious space for clients to express and process these emotions, offering support, validation, and guidance.

4. Meaning Making: I will help you make sense of the insights gained from psychedelic journeys. It’s important to unpack the symbolism, metaphors, and messages received during the experience, and explore how these insights can be integrated into your personal belief systems and values.

5. Lifestyle and Behavioral Changes: I help clients identify areas of their lives where changes may be beneficial based on the insights gained such as habits, relationships, career paths, or personal goals. Together, we’ll set realistic goals and implement how to make sustainable changes.

6. Self-Reflection and Integration Exercises: I will also provide various tools, techniques, and exercises to support self-reflection and integration. These can include journaling, meditation, guided imagery, mindfulness practices, creative expression, and somatic awareness exercises.

I’m so excited to be an ally on your journey of self-discovery and sacred interconnectedness to self. The wisdom and teachings that are possible through psychedelic integration is powerful and allows many to transcend healing in days, weeks and months compared to years of traditional therapy. If you are open and curious to alternative routes of healing, then book a discovery call to learn more. I would love to connect and be the trusted, safe and nurturing coach for you as you walk this path. 

Set up a free, 20-minute consultation call to explore deeper into this work and book your session.

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