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Terms & Agreements


A coaching relationship between the Coach and the Client is a partnership where the Coach supports the Client in realizing their potential within the designated focus areas of the coaching relationship.


a.) The Client is solely and exclusively responsible for the choices made in connection with this coaching relationship, including those influenced by the Coach's recommendations and input.


b.) The Client acknowledges and voluntarily gives their informed consent to engage in coaching services with Sarah Burnett for the purpose of personal or professional development.


c.) The Client is solely and exclusively responsible for their mental health, physical health, business decisions, and any actions or inaction taken.


d.) The Coach is not liable for any outcomes or lack thereof, or any consequences resulting from the Client's engagement with the Coach.


e.) Coaching is neither a therapeutic nor a medical relationship. The Coach does not provide therapy or medical services, and the Client is responsible for seeking such services at their own discretion if necessary.




Coach and Client agree to engage in 1:1 coaching sessions based on the package, unless mutually agreed upon otherwise. The package also includes additional resources and Signal message support. Coach will respond to messages within 36-48 hours. 


Transformation Mindset Coaching


Client agrees to be guided through relaxation, visual imagery, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, somatic regulation, neuro-linguistic programming, and stress-reduction processes and techniques for the purpose of vocational or avocational self-improvement. Client understands that the therapy received is not a substitute for normal medical care. 


The methodologies utilized in Sarah Burnett’s Coaching Program do not assure specific outcomes. The client acknowledges and agrees to release the coach from any liability and responsibility for any adverse reactions arising from advice given or materials provided during the program and coaching sessions.


Hypnotherapy & Guided Imagery


Hypnosis is a naturally occurring, relaxed state characterized by inner-focused attention. In this state, the conscious mind relaxes, allowing the subconscious mind to become receptive to positive suggestions. It's important to note that hypnosis is not a state of sleep; rather, it is a natural state of mind conducive to profound relaxation of the mind, body, and emotions. Deep relaxation is a typical outcome of this process.


During hypnosis, the Client maintains complete awareness and control over the ongoing experience. The therapeutic application of hypnosis, known as hypnotherapy, offers opportunities for emotional release, healing, and transformative learning.


The utilization of hypnosis may evoke memories of past events, but their factual accuracy is uncertain. Events recalled under hypnosis have the potential to be distorted or misconstrued. Memories or images elicited during hypnosis may not be entirely accurate and could be a composite construction of various memories. Without corroborating information, it is challenging to ascertain the truthfulness of a specific memory. Even if a memory seems authentic, it may be a metaphor created by the subconscious for the purpose of healing.


Guided imagery, a dynamic and versatile technique, intricately weaves together the threads of directed imagination, unlocking the potency of focused mental imagery to achieve specific outcomes. Through this method, individuals embark on a mental journey, tapping into the rich reservoirs of their creative mind and engaging all five senses—sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. This technique encompasses various applications, including relaxation, emotional comprehension, release, and healing.


Psychedelic Integration Coaching


Psychedelic integration coaching is a supportive and educational service aimed at assisting individuals in integrating and understanding their psychedelic experiences. The coaching process is not a substitute for therapy or medical treatment, and Sarah Burnett is not treating you as a licensed healthcare professional. The focus of our work together will be on exploring and integrating the insights and lessons from your psychedelic experiences.


Client’s safety and well-being are of utmost importance. While psychedelic integration coaching does not involve the administration of psychedelics, it is crucial that Client approaches the sessions in a responsible manner. Client agrees not to be under the influence of psychedelics or other mind-altering substances during coaching sessions. If Client has any pre-existing medical or mental health conditions, it is recommended to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before engaging in coaching sessions.


Psychedelic integration coaching has the potential to facilitate personal growth, self-discovery, and emotional healing. However, it is important to be aware that exploring the insights and emotions associated with psychedelic experiences can be intense and may bring up intense emotions, adverse reactions or memories. While these experiences can be transformative, they may also be emotionally distressing or trigger temporary discomfort. Client agrees to communicate any difficulties that arise during the Program, and Coach will provide support and guidance.


Client understands and acknowledges that as a psychedelic integration coach, Sarah Burnett, does not provide any substances. Client is aware that any decisions regarding the use of psychedelics or any other substances are solely their own responsibility. Client releases Sarah Burnett of Life Design by Sarah LLC, including any affiliated individuals or organizations, from any claims, damages, or liabilities that may result from my participation in coaching.




In acknowledgment of Sarah Burnett of Life Design By Sarah LLC providing the Services, Client will pay the fee associated with any specific Program or an amount otherwise mutually agreed upon (Fee). The Client commits to completing payment for each installment before the commencement of every coaching session until the total amount is paid in full.


Upon acceptance of this agreement or any Program, Client assumes responsibility for the payment of the full Fee(s) as specified in the Program or otherwise agreed upon. In the event of canceling attendance at the Program or any Session, regardless of the reason, no refunds will be provided. All sums payable under this agreement become due immediately upon termination, irrespective of any other provisions. 




Either the Client or Coach may, on occasion, need to cancel or reschedule coaching sessions. If the Coach initiates a reschedule, the Coach will make themselves available to the Client at the earliest opportunity. Should the Client be responsible for the cancellation or rescheduling, they commit to informing the Coach no less than 48 hours before the scheduled session. If the Client cancels or reschedules within the 48-hour period, the Client agrees to pay the full amount for the session, if requested by the Coach (at the Coach's sole and exclusive discretion). The Parties will then work together to reschedule the session in good faith. No refunds will be provided to the Client for any expenses incurred under this Agreement.




The existence of this coaching relationship, along with any information Coach receives from the Client, is deemed entirely confidential under the terms of this Agreement. 


All information provided during the course of the coaching remains private unless agreed by the coach and the client. You are free to share whatever you choose from our sessions with anyone you wish.


Coach commits to not disclosing the Client's name or any of their information without the Client's explicit consent. Any information shared during coaching sessions will not be divulged to any external party, except in cases involving harmful, illegal, or criminal activity.


Client acknowledges that my Coach cannot guarantee the confidentiality of our communications when using electronic mediums such as email, voicemail, voice notes, text, or Signal messenger.




This Agreement will conclude automatically upon the completion of the agreed-upon number of coaching sessions. Additionally, either Party holds the right to terminate this Agreement before its scheduled expiration, subject to specific conditions. Termination can be initiated by either Party through written notice, requiring a minimum notice period of 14 days. Upon termination, all accrued fees and reimbursements up to the termination date shall be remitted to the Coach.


The Client acknowledges having read and comprehended the information presented in this form. The Client provides informed, voluntary consent to participate in coaching sessions, demonstrating an understanding of the potential benefits, risks, and limitations associated with the coaching engagement.

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