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Transformational Mindset Coaching


Transformational Mindset Coaching

One-Time Coaching Session

Are you feeling nervous about an upcoming event? Or worried about that awkward conversation at the next family gathering? Or maybe anxious to have a hard conversation with your partner or friend? Book this 2-hour session to clear out the limiting messages spiraling in your mind and feel a renewed sense of confidence and clarity as we end your session. You’ll receive a customized guided visualization recording to keep forever. Additional follow-ups are available for purchase.

Duration: 2 hour session

Price: $400

Additional sessions are available: 1 hour for $250 or same 2 hour price

3-Month Coaching Container 

There’s a part of you that knows your automatic negative thoughts, patterns or behaviors are rooted deep in childhood wounds. And that makes sense because that’s when our story about who we are and how we will interact with relationships and the world developed. Join me for a 3-month coaching container where you can safely travel back in time to explore those core experiences and conversations to unlearn the harmful lessons and gain the positive teachings. You will now have the conscious awareness to clearly know how to move forward with an abundant mindset and release the heavy physical imprint that you’ve been feeling within your body. This is transformational healing work that will allow you to rewire new visions of the self and let go of toxic cycles. 

Duration: We will work together for 4 hours a month for 3 months via Zoom. Session lengths will vary from 1-2 hours depending on what you need. You will also have access to me during this time via Telegram to send text messages and voice notes so you can have real-time feedback! 

Price: 3-months container including telegram and customized guided visualizations is $2,400 (normally $3,300). Additional sessions will be offered at the discounted rate of $200 per hour.

Set up a free, 20-minute consultation call to explore deeper into this work and book your session.

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