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1:1 business coaching and corporate mental health keynotes designed to eliminate fear, anxiety and past negative experiences to allow guaranteed future success for high-performing leaders.

Overcoming fear and anxiety in professional settings is vital for success. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an effective tool to address these challenges. Guided visualizations help clear past negative experiences, fostering a winning mindset. Mindset coaching, featuring a 2-hour session and personalized audio recording, aids in achieving clarity and confidence for career advancement and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Fear and anxiety are profound barriers to professional success. High stakes conversations and presentations can cause high-performing leaders to clam up, especially if past negative experiences have caused their internal dialogue to become self-critical. This is also true for athletes and other performers who may have experienced a loss or failure that spirals into worry about future performance. NLP is an extremely effective tool to remove fears and blocks that may inhibit you from showing up the way you want to, especially in situations that require mental agility and clear communication. 

Through guided visualizations, we access past memories via the subconscious mind to clear out any failures or losses, find the teachings and lessons, and release those events easily and effortlessly so they lose their grip. Then, we can forecast into the future to embody a “winning” state of mind, practice having the freedom and confidence you crave, and visualize future success. 

with Neuro Linguistic Programming



One of the main differences why some people excel to C-level management or thrive in entrepreneurship is mindset.

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  • Do you feel unease in presenting new ideas or pitching new clients?

  • Do you worry that you don’t have enough experience or training to ask for a promotion or apply for a new role?

  • Do you fall asleep rehearsing a difficult or confrontational conversation you need to have with a colleague?

  • Have you stalled in launching your new side hustle because you fear it will fail?

If you're noticing your body or brain responding to these questions, then mindset coaching utilizing NLP is the perfect place for you to land. Book this 2-hour transformational mindset session and experience how quickly overwhelm and angst can shift to clarity and confidence.

In addition to the session, you will receive a customized guided visualization audio recording for you to keep forever and come back to when old mental patterns emerge. Additional follow-up sessions are available for purchase.


Inquire about this offering by clicking BOOK NOW. I will follow up to schedule a 20-minute discovery call to answer any questions. After our discovery call, we will schedule our first session!



Additional sessions:

1 hour for $250 or 2 hours for $400

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"I have been working with Sarah Burnett for the last two years. When we started, I was in a place in my life where I really was looking to personally grow. We worked on a weekly basis, and we really started to break down some of the challenges that I faced in my life. I was eager to learn and grow, so I really worked hard in-between our sessions to focus on the things that would make me better. Sarah is so insightful and she pushes you in a way that is only going to make you better. She is so easy to talk to. She is also very open minded, but practical. Her guided visualization techniques helped me in the business world. She has also taught me meditation and breathing techniques that have been helpful in anxious moments. She also used Hypnotherapy to help me grieve a relationship. I cannot say enough about Sarah Burnett as a therapist. She is an amazing person who I respect and continue to work with to help me improve. I would highly recommend her as a coach, or anyone that is looking to improve their life." 

- Jeff



1:1 coaching in a 3-month container for you to dissolve limiting beliefs, toxic thought patterns and inner child wounds so that you can access personal freedom, an open heart and limitless potentials.


1:1 business coaching and corporate mental health keynotes designed to eliminate fear, anxiety and past negative experiences to allow guaranteed future success for high-performing leaders.



A one-time healing session to release past-life pain and hurt, connect to loved ones who have transitioned between lifetimes, and identify your soul lessons and purpose for why difficult people are in your life.


1:1 coaching to empower our parents with tangible tools, the language to diffuse toddler to teen tantrums, and a deep understanding of how to transform your home from chaos to calm. The Empowered Parent Self-Paced course is coming soon!


1:1, 30-minute laser coaching sessions that transform negative core states and self-limiting beliefs through the spiritual lens of soul lessons, soul contracts and amplifying your connection to your Higher Self.



1:1 and group integration where we dive into the science and spiritual alignment of plant medicine, explore insights, meaning-making, and expand your journey of self-discovery to create profound personal growth and healing. Retreats coming soon! 

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